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Frog provides a modern solution for supporting and developing the people that represent the school. Free staff from repetitive induction sessions, guide them through compliance training and invest in their continued professional development (CPD) with ease.

Promote a positive and healthy culture...

Promoting a culture of learning

Promoting a culture of teaching and sharing

Culture of learning

Putting staff in control of their own development and their own professional journey is a powerful way to encourage growth and improvement. At the same time, giving staff access to rich training and development opportunities, is a great way to make them feel valued and to promote job satisfaction.

Access to training anytime, anywhere means staff can learn in ways and at times that work for them, with training delivered in easy-to-consume modules that fit around busy schedules.


Culture of teaching and sharing

Staff can learn so much from each other in school which helps to foster a culture of teaching and sharing that we all know to be hugely beneficial.

The Frog Professional Development Platform grows staff knowledge and experience, while helping everyone to save precious time.

Here’s how...

Common Scenario
The Deputy Head spends several hours with every new starter, to cover elements of their induction.
The Frog way...
All new starters have their induction online.
If they do meet with the Deputy Head, it is in a short, focused meeting for a friendly introduction and to answer any queries.
Common Scenario
The DPO runs refresher training on data protection and GDPR once a year, to all staff. New starters need to be trained throughout the year on an ad-hoc basis.
The Frog way...
All members of staff (permanent and temporary) access training online.
An audit of staff training gives evidence for ongoing whole-school compliance.
Common Scenario
The network team delivers regular sessions to staff, on how to use Microsoft, Google and a variety of software applications to support their work.
The Frog way...
The team delivers this training online.
Staff access as and when they choose. Teachers access training when they need it, and the network team can refocus on school systems.
Common Scenario
Members of the office team run workshops throughout the year, making sure all staff are looked after with pay, pensions, policies and procedures.
The Frog way...
Staff assigned latest training on the Frog Professional Development Platform.
Able to upload administrative documents where necessary.
Common Scenario
A programme of leadership courses run throughout the year, for members of the Senior Management Team to improve skills and understanding.
The Frog way...
The programme of leadership courses is made available to everyone.
Including teachers and support staff who want to strengthen knowledge and skills for their own professional development.
Common Scenario
The SEND coordinator offers lunchtime and twilight sessions for all staff, on everything from Dyslexia and ADHD, through to Autism, Aspergers, and Visual Disabilities. Drop-ins are free for anyone to attend.
The Frog way...
These training opportunities are now online.
The SEND coordinator is now able to offer a much richer, broader range of courses, and more staff able to access them. SEND students will benefit increasingly from improved levels of knowledge and understanding throughout the school.
Common Scenario
A pioneering Maths teacher at the school runs regular CPD sessions to raise attainment in Maths through a range of pedagogical approaches.
The Frog way...
In-house CPD delivered (by such as this Maths teacher) can be consumed by staff today and into the future.
Giving leading teachers time back, to continue to develop new and ever-more innovative training, in line with the latest pedagogical developments.
Common Scenario
The Head of Science runs half-termly subject training sessions for TAs, to maximise the support they can give in the classroom.
The Frog way...
This training can now be assigned to TAs quickly and easily, year after year.
It is easier to move TAs across subjects and to maximise the value of their support.

There is no limit to how to deliver training through Frog, to all staff. As time goes on, your Professional Development Platform becomes richer offering evermore fantastic training opportunities.

A culture of learning and development will continue to grow for the benefit of all staff and students.



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