Professional Development

splash-Home-Banner-Icon.png Save money. Save time.

The Frog Professional Development Platform will help build efficiencies and reduce wastage in school training programmes, ensuring budgets are maximised and resources go further.

With Frog, staff training and development doesn’t have to be a drain on school resources...

Reduce reliance on external training

Remodel internal training

Bring together online training

Greater control of the school training budget

By using Frog to drive your training and development, you save money and time. It’s that simple. The money and time saved can go back into delivering a training and development strategy for your school that is richer, more rewarding and coherent.


Reduce reliance on external training

Sending staff on external courses will always hit budgets, with the price of the training and additional expenses such as paying for staff cover. With the facility to bring content into Frog, much more can be achieved in-house.

Remodel Internal training

Internally-run courses may not have such a price attached, but the time it takes for your staff to prepare and deliver them mounts up. Whether it’s ready-made content or custom made by the school training specialists, the efficiencies of design and delivery in Frog make in-house training not just possible, but cost-effective too.

Bring together online training

Even when it comes to online training, things quickly get expensive. Buying in disparate courses – for everything from compliance through to online CPD – soon mounts up. With different training being delivered on different platforms, in different ways, it can all get messy. With Frog there is one platform that can do it all. Bringing all of the convenience of online training without the expense.



Customer Stories

Our constant target is to help businesses, multi-academy trusts and schools achieve their people development goals & objectives. See how we have helped different organisations to successfully do this...

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