Professional Development


Transform Training and Development in School

Make a statement about the value placed on staff training and development with the Frog Professional Development Platform. Flexible, intuitive and convenient, it’s everything needed to deliver a rich training and development programme.


Retain and Grow Talent

Frog provides a modern solution for supporting and developing the people that represent the school.

Free staff from repetitive induction sessions, guide them through compliance training and invest in their continued professional development (CPD) with ease.



An engaging way to deliver large scale compliance and CPD training content.


A dream tool for trainers to create content and deliver engaging modules.


Easily enable your workforce to book onto online or offline events. 


Keep track of your team training status, inductions and training requests.


Training at the heart of your culture

Whether a small prep school that values a culture of learning, or a large all-through school channelling a consistent way of working and strong culture throughout the school... Frog provides everything needed to make it happen.


Visibility of Training

The Frog Professional Development Platform provides rich data that will inform the training and development strategy in school.


Save money. Save time.

The Frog Professional Development Platform will help build efficiencies and reduce wastage in school training programmes, ensuring budgets are maximised and resources go further.



Frog lets you deliver a comprehensive training programme to your staff, in ways that work for them. It looks engaging, works on any device, supports multiple learning styles and provides useful reports to inform and manage staff development.